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We supply tubular and flat plate solar water heaters from as low as 100ltrs to 300ltrs for both domestic and commercial settings such as hotels and health institutions.

KEMA Power Tubular Solar Water Heaters

KEMA Power tubular solar water heaters have vacuum tubes that collect heat from sunshine, then the aluminium rings inside transfer the heat to copper pipe, then the copper pipe transfers the heat to water inside tank. The system start and transfer of heat is quick in cloudy and low radiation days with a daily average heat efficiency can go up to 55%. These heaters vary from 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 240, 250, 300 litres.

Flat Plate Solar Water Heaters

Our flat plate solar water heaters have collectors consisting of a black absorbing plate at the bottom of which hollow copper pipes that house the thermal fluid are installed. The heated thermal fluid is always moving in the system to ensure that the temperature of water rises.

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